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Cash Legend is standing at B&W Equine Vets & Stud

1. Stud fee £450 for 2022 must be paid before shipping of semen by BACS.


2. The mare owner must pay for the collection fee £126 plus any courier charges, depending on location, day and time semen needs to arrive with you. Alternatively, the mare owner can go to the stud and collect the semen. Nomination form MUST be filled out before semen will be dispatched. This applies every time semen is ordered (e.g. if your mare needs a second dose, the collection fee applies again)

3. NFFR (No foal free return) if you mare does not get in foal, which is valid for the following year. Proof of no pregnancy will need to be sent to us by your veterinary surgeon. Mare owners must be under the care of an experienced stud vet and adhere to correct AI protocol, to ensure the best chance of conception and to avoid extra collections. Collection fee and courier charges still apply to each dose. 


4. All semen orders must be placed before 9 am, but preferably the day before. Cash Legend is a walk in stallion and we will have to arrange to take him to the stud to be collected from.


5. The mare owner is responsible for any artificial insemination charges and the stud fee does not include any scans with a veterinary surgeon.


6. Concessions available to graded mares, and mares with outstanding competition record.


7. No refunds will be given if Cash Legend is unable to collect fresh or chilled semen due to medical reasons or unforeseen circumstances, frozen will be offered if available and if we cannot provide fresh or chilled semen within 60 days we can discuss further options.

8. Cash Legend has been fully tested for CEM, EVA, EIA and Strangles negative. He is also tested negative for WFFS.

AI by qualified AI Technician Issy Brine optional for local mares (30 mile radius from our base in Gloucestershire, please contact for more information)

*These terms are subject to change at any time*



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